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"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." Nietzsche
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22nd-Feb-2006 12:34 am - Movin on UP!
OK kids, Live Journal was such a drag....I moved over here.....Please come see me over at blogspot!
5th-Feb-2006 01:35 am - A Long Day's Sleep
Wow, I almost lost a whole day today! It is such a surreal feeling. My absolutely adorable husband recently had his gall bladder taken out. This happened a few weekends ago and it was a very long drawn out, painful and stressfilled situation. I was driving back and forth from home with the four kids to the hospital to be with him as he is absolutely terrified of hospitals and had never had surgery of any kind. It was the first time we had ever left our kids alone all together. They beautifully and amazingly rose to the occasion and while the house looked like a fraternity house whenever I returned to it, the Sparkle Sisters were not at all traumatized by having mommy and daddy gone for the longest time ever. The Big Kids did such a great job of keeping them held and cuddled and busy and loved that they barely even missed us. It was so loving and sweet, I so appreciated it. LOng story to tell you he had promised me some much needed alone time to recharge after all this. The night before, or shall I say early morning Miss Monkey woke us all with a nasty cough. She finally went back to sleep but once I am awakened I am up. It was about 3 am so I finally got up and came out here to my friendly computer to check in with ya'll. Before I could Dh wandered out to see what I was up to and we ended up having a really nice UNINTERRUPTED adult conversation. Well, for about 10 minutes that is until Miss Bugaboo also wandered out. She tends to be a night waker like her daddy adn they often bond in the wee hours with movies and strawberries. He tried taking her back to bed but as often happens, daddy falls fast asleep and the Bugaboo comes bounding back out full of energy telling me she is not sleepy at all but feeling fast! And she informs me it is MORNING, mama! Daddy said it was verrrrrrrrrrry early but its morning so i need to be UP! I think she will settle in with a movie and some chocolate soymilk but alas....she does not. Instead she becomes obssessed with my Trader Joes' carrot cake in the fridge. Sighs* Is nothing sacred???? Needless to say I fell asleep on the couch with her around 6 am but she was still waking me up off and on. Finally about 9 am Miss Monkey and Daddy awaken to this lovely day and we trade shifts...He decides to take the Sisters out to breakfast with him and so begins my lovely day to myself. I luxuriate in all my choices as I snuggle down into my very large king sized bed is a large slice of heaven, ladies and gentlemen! I awaken to a bit of SUN peeking into my room and smile and slowly wake up. The house is quiet and I imagine they are all still out and about after a nice breakfast. I watch a little HGTV and think about having some eggs. THen I hear them all come in. I wander out and sit down to hear about their adventures. As I sit down my son says to me "Good morning sleepy head!" I laugh and say oh yeah, what time is it? He says "ohhh its about 4 15 PM!!!!!!!!!" WHAT?????????? NOOOOOOO I slept all day. Can you believe that??? I cannot get over it. My husband could believe it, he informs me that I am a very sleepy person!!! Now, what the hell does that mean????
I was so disappointed that I spent my whole day off sleeping!!! This is just unacceptable.....And now here it is almost 2 am and my sleep cycles all messed up.
I did make it out to see Walk the Line with Reese and Joaquin. was really well done. I grew up listening by force of my parents' odd musical tastes to ALOT of Johnny Cash. It was very cool and reminded me of my early childhood in a good way! I called my Dad to thank him for the gift of music he passed onto me as a kid. Everything about my childhood has a soundtrack and even though at various times in my life I have been mortified to share that I know every single song of JOhn Denvers word for word or Glen Campbell or Johnny Cash, I so now appreciate that it gave me a love and appreciation for all kinds of music. My oldest certainly is letting me know she also has been given that gift and I treasure it. I may not play any instruments but my Daddy did and my kids do. It is such a rich and enduring gift. so Thanks Dad!
3rd-Feb-2006 02:29 pm - Auspicious beginnings
Ta da! Introducing my little world....
Today has been a typical Portland rainy grey day that inspires visions of tropical scenes and far off lands with sparkling sand and drinks with cute umbrellas. It marks my third day alone with the two little girls, henceforth to be known as the Sparkle Sisters or individually as Bugaboo and Miss Monkey Moo Moo. IndiBug or Bugaboo will be 5 next month and asks me every day if today is her birfday party and can she go to school. She attends a really annoying preschool coop that drives me nuts and builds with big wooden blocks day in and day out. Miss Monkey Moo Moo is two and a half and we are in the eternal struggle to wean or not to wean. Her vote is NEVER and my vote is six months ago for reasons to be discussed in a separate post. She is addicted to apple juice and veggie slices and is ALWAYS naked. I am terrified of being alone with them b/c they outnumber me and talk at exactly the same time causing my head to spin around and explode. My husband just got a new job and deserted me as did my formerly homeschooling 14 yr old son who has now braved the halls of public high school as a freshman. My oldest daughter is 16 and a Glittery Drama Queen but I am the Goddess and above her Queenly ways.
Some things to know about me at this point:

1. You would not believe how long it has taken me to get just THIS far in this entry.
2. I am older than I look
3. I still have three or four different career paths I would like to follow including SAHM
4. I love all things magical, mysterious, sparkly, unusual, unique, dorky and weird.....despite my earthmama looks.
5. I tend to write more the way I talk rather than according to some silly grammatical rules, so hope you enjoy a run on sentence or two as well as some creative spelling. I am actually an excellent speller but its my typing that causes problems on the computer. too fast for my fingers!

So the third day and I am still in my pajamas and have an absolute screaming headache. How many hours until someone else gets home?????
I adore my girls and am so loving this second little family I have created. AND I am one kid over my limit and not just a little crazy. You will get to hear ALOT about that here. It has actually be lovely to just be home today with no where to go. The Sisters here have really played together well today and quite creatively which obviously has nothing to do with me but somehow leaves me feeling like a good mother. Very little TV time and they actually turned it off on their own, will wonders never cease!! Truly miraculous.
I am going to stop the madness and end this post here. To be continued....
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